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Problems Granting Mailbox Rights

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  • Problems Granting Mailbox Rights

    i cant seem to figure out where the deny is coming from while im trying to grant myself mailbox rights to use exmerge... well, i have a clue.

    in my org, i am a member of the domain, schema, and exchange full admin, so im thinking the deny is cause of the domain admin group membership... and i cant add me cause im already there with an inheritance grey check from the domain admins group...

    so what do i have to do to use exmerge? can i just remove my mebership to the domain admin group or something while using exmerge? but you have to have admin rights to run it? im confused...

    thanks for your help... its nice to have you guys around.

    James Haynes
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    Re: Problems Granting Mailbox Rights


    By default, Windows accounts with administrative access are denied permission to read the content of ordinary Exchange mailboxes. For ExMerge to merge data with the original database, it must be able to open mailboxes in that database. Therefore ExMerge cannot be used for this purpose by an administrator without first overriding the permissions denials.
    Based on the Using Exchange Server 2003 Recovery Storage Group document (

    1. Create a Windows Security Group, and name it something such as "Exchange Recovery Administrators."
    2. Add the Windows account you are using to run ExMerge to this group. This account should already be an Exchange administrator account and have local administrator permissions on the Exchange server(s) involved in the mailbox merge process.
    3. In Exchange System Manager, locate the target database and open its Properties dialog box. On the Security tab, add the Exchange Recovery Administrators group and grant this group Full Control permissions on the database.

    As of this writing, only Receive As permission is essential for ExMerge to function properly with a database running in an ordinary storage group. You can therefore restrict the Exchange recovery administrators group to this permission rather than Full Control. If granting only Receive As permission does not work, you should then grant Full Control as an initial troubleshooting step.

    Csaba Papp
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