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Send Mail Items with 'Send As' issue

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  • Send Mail Items with 'Send As' issue


    I've granted a collegue of mine to send mail on my behalf using the 'send as' access control under security in my account. He also has 'owner' control over my inbox, sent items. It works fine he can now send mails on my behalf and all this under his own user account.
    The only 'problem' is that all the sent items he sends on my behalf are stored in his 'Send Items' folder...
    So when I return after a short holiday I have to ask him or check his 'Send Items' Folder to see which mails he send on my behalf. Is there a way to put automatically the Send Items (which he did send om my behalf) into my own 'Send Items' folder?

    We Use Windows 2003 SBS Standard SP1, Exchange 2003 SP2 and Outlook 2003 Prof SP2


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    Re: Send Mail Items with 'Send As' issue

    I dont think that the option to implment this settings. You can create some rule that when the collegue send email, a copy will send to you also as BCC and in your outlook.


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