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  • Queue email over weekend

    Is it possible to allow users in a typical single-server Exchange 2003 environment to create emails, but have them held in the queue until the next business day?

    I'm trying to prevent some users from sending mail to external addresses (non-company/domain addresses) over the weekend.

    Essentially, we are sending emails to an external company that translates our email into a fax. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to send fax over the weekend (HIPAA regulations). I have some people coming in on the weekend to process work and they will be generating emails to send (these will be converted to fax).
    I'd like to have our email server queue these emails until Monday morning when it is okay to send.


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    Re: Queue email over weekend

    All outgoing emails should be held over the weekend, or only those sent to a specific domain?
    If all emails should be held, modify your default internet SMTP connector; if only those sent to a specific domain let say create a new SMTP connector with lower cost than the default one. Go to its properties, Delivery option. By default, the connection time is Always run. Customize the schedule according to you requirement. In this way messages will remain in the queues until the connector will run again.

    Some basics about SMTP connector is available here:

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      Re: Queue email over weekend

      Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much. It is working just fine now.