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Exchange and AD - How to alter PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

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  • Exchange and AD - How to alter PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

    I have a user who whenever i type his name into outlook, it comes up with
    dsmith <dsmithe>.
    After logging into his machine, i noticed this application called "salesforce" which extracts information from exchange and his:

    PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS - is where the issue lies.

    I've written numerous times on message boards, without result.

    Basically, i believe that this PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS lies somewhere in the schema and it would be pretty tedius to edit this.

    Here is a tool that i think i will need: GALMOD tool.

    Here's some information i was able to extract from Salesforce log:

    (TYPE: EX
    NAME: Daniel Smith
    PR_SMTP_ADDRESS: [email protected]

    I know this doesn't sound like an easy one, but if anyone has even a little insight or a clue, i would greatly appreciate it. Just something that would lead me in the right direction.
    By the way, i did go into his properties and GAL properties and all is ok.

    I believe the issue lies somewhere in the schema - an attribute called PR_email_address.

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    Re: Exchange and AD - How to alter PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

    GALMODE tool can download from:

    As I know, PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS in Exchange 2000/2003

    PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS is now represent as: LegacyExchangeDN property:

    You edit LegacyExchangeDN by using ADSIEDIT or another tool that support LDAP/Active Directory.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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