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  • duplicated mail

    no one has an answer??
    how to stop duplicated mails?

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    Re: duplicated mail

    Don't duplicate posts!
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      Re: duplicated mail

      ok this is getting anoying
      i just cant belive no one encountered this isue before

      how come outlook 2000, outlook 2002 cant check for email duplications

      i use an exchange server + server 2003
      workstations XP pro with sp2 , ou 2000/2002

      internal mail is fine . works as it suposed to work
      but when users setup a pop3 (internet mail in outlook services)
      they recieve the same emails again and again

      for start i removed the tag from " leave a copy on the server"
      and still they get twice each email. sometimes 4 times sometimes 6 times

      i checked the pop3 configurations by login manualy to their pop 3 servers
      like mail in yahoo or gmail or others companys . no forwardings or mail saver.

      i checked if any of them use a special private rule that forward mail to others or to a main pop3 account we use. didnt found any rule.

      any way if it helps the main problem is that we have 1 main pop3 account
      that all users can use. a public account . but every 1 who uses it gets twice each email. moreover users out of our server that gets to that mail with ou 2000 or 2002 gets same shit : twice each email.

      HELP!!!! cant be!!!! how come nothing can be done.!!!