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  • http ove rpc

    I hope someone can help me to get this working. I have configured it as per the instruction on this site but whenever I try to open Outlook it fails saying that the Exchange Server could not be contacted and that Outlook need to be connected or online. If I run outlook.exe /rpcdiag entries will appear in the list with no service listed against them (like https) and they will just say disconnected and then dissappear and then I will just get the same error message as mentioned above. Whenever I open Outlook it keeps asking me for a username and password - is this correct?

    Will be grateful for help.


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    Re: http ove rpc

    If you can, please provide a bit more detail about how you are configured, what you have already done and what are you trying to accomplish. Enabling RPC over HTTP is not too hard but there are a few things that need to be done.



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      Re: http ove rpc

      Sorry about the lack of detail. Have got one 2003 server with Exchange 2003 installed on it. Have installed the certificate services onto this machine, created my own certificate and have got OWA workign over SSL with this certificate. Have then tried to setup access with https over rpc.

      To do this I create a new profile, click to setup a new mail account, choose Exchange server, enter the netbios name of the server for the Exchange server name and then enter in the name of the mailbox I want to access. I then click on the more settings button and it comes up saying that the action could not be completed because the server is not available. If I click OK to the message it brings up a dialogue box asking to confirm the Exchange server name and the mailbox name which I can just click OK to to finally get to the more settings options. I the go to the Connection tab, tick connect using http, click Exchange Proxy Settings button, enter in the URL for the exchange server and choose basic authentication.

      If I then try to access Outlook it pops up with a box asking me to enter a username and password because it is trying to connect to the netbiso name of the server. I put in a username and password. It then comes back saying the Exchange server is not available, Outlook must be connected or online to complete this action.

      I have configured the Exchange Server to be a back end server and have done all the bits and bobs with port numbers in the registry but to no avail.

      I have opened port 443 on the firewall and can see traffic going to the Exchange server from the laptop I am testing this with, shouldn't be any other ports I need to open should there? The only other thing I can say is that on my certificate the issued to name is different to the url that is being used to access toe server externally - will this make a difference?

      Hope this all makes sense.




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        Re: http ove rpc

        Take a look at John Howards excellant video tutorials - Might show something you missed:

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