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Exchange IIS Authentication Settings

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  • Exchange IIS Authentication Settings

    Hello, I have a slight problem, I am trying to figure out the IIS settings for OWA
    I can access the server but I get the local computer domain instead of our normal domain. if I try to enter the correct domain/username it does not authenticate.


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    Re: Exchange IIS Authentication Settings

    Are you trying to authenticate from inside your LAN? Or are you trying to authenticate from an outside address through a firewall to your Exchange?

    What happens if you try to access from an external PC?

    If you are attempting to authenticate from inside and using the FQDN you are probably going to have problems. The firewall/router will attempt to send this FQDN to the local DNS servers as it is probably attempting to resolve the name locally using your DNS servers. The request never does get outside of your LAN to the MX record.

    What needs to be done internally, is use a 'alias' (in Cisco speak) command where if the Firewall/router sees the '' address and the command then forwards the request to either the IP or defined name of your IIS/Exchange server.