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OWA Admin - The page cannot be found

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  • OWA Admin - The page cannot be found

    We just finished upgrading from Windows 2000 / Exchange 2000 to Windows 2003 / Exchange 2003. I've downloaded and installed OWA Admin, but I cannot seem to get it to work. When I open the web page, either from the Exchange 2003 Server or from a workstation, I get prompted for my credentials. Once I log in, I get http error 404, the page could not be found. I've looked in IIS, and the virtural directory was created and points to the correct folder on the hard drive.

    Can somebody tell me what went wrong, and how to fix the problem?

    -- David

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    Re: OWA Admin - The page cannot be found

    what order did you upgrade?

    you should have installed exchange 2k3 before upgrading the server to 2k3... thats according to my 2400B manual. dont know if thats the issue, but just a thought.
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      Re: OWA Admin - The page cannot be found

      I fixed the problem myself.

      The upgrade was actually from a Windows 2000 / Exchange 2000 box to a new Windows 2003 / Exchange 2003 box. When I first set up the new 2003 server, I downloaded a number of updates from Microsoft including both .net 1.1 and .net 2.0. When OWAAdmin was installed, it defaulted to the newer version of .net. When I checked IIS's Web Service Extensions, .net 1.1 was allowed but .net 2.0 was prohibited. I allowed .net 2.0 and OWAAdmin started working.

      -- David


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        Re: OWA Admin - The page cannot be found

        Just had this proble the patch fixed it

        Corrected OWA and IIS configuration based on the following articles.
        Troubleshooting Outlook Web Access logon failures in Exchange 2000 and in Exchange 2003 Article ID:327843
        Troubleshooting OWA when the contents frame displays “Loading” Article ID:280823
        Applied Hot Fix:

        Re-booted OWA Server and Walla back in business.