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Always get a login box after move mailbox to Exchange 2003

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  • Always get a login box after move mailbox to Exchange 2003


    First I want to tell you about our special situation:
    Our environment is an Novell based Network with Zenworks 3.2 to manage the client computers. We had activated the "dynamic local user" feature from Zenworks, so the Novell Client manage the login and a local stored user profile. This feature allows us to have the same userprofile when we work online (at work) or offline (at home). We have an old exchange 5.5 mail server with NT4.0 (NT BDC) in the same exchange orgnaisation with the new exchange 2003 server. Those servers are in the same active directory domain too.

    The Problem:
    When we move a mailbox from 5.5 to 2003 and we are starting the outlook 97 or 2000 mail client we always get the login box with user, password and domain. When we move the mailbox back to the 5.5 server everything is ok and no login box appears.

    Are there any special security options on the new 2003 Server?

    I hope anyone can help me.