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Add pictures to an Exchange User

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  • Add pictures to an Exchange User

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a way how to put a picture on a AD user and make it visible to the GAL.
    I can add a picture for example with Hyena to the account, but it is not visible when you double click on the account in the GAL or when you create an outlook contact then you can add a picture which is visible then in you contact list. But the last one has to be done for each user separately.

    So I'm looking for a (simple) way to add user pictures to an AD account and that users get this info when they double click on the user in the GAL.
    This way we can use AD/Exchange/GAL as a person lookup system.

    Hope someone already has some experience with it.


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    Re: Add pictures to an Exchange User

    Users in your GAL and Contacts are 2 different things. Contacts are stored locally on your computer and then copied on to the server so you can accsess them when you use OWA 2003. Besides, there is no place to put user's image in GAL itself. In AD there are several atributes that can hold binary information such as images (if I am not mistaken one of the atributes called photo and the other thumbnail). YOu can populate those atributes with data using a script or recompiling ADUC template (requires knowledge of VB) , but you don't really want to do it. You don't want to store your binary data in AD, because it will add to the size of the database, rendering and so on, which in return will slow everything own. You might want to link image to your AD by polpulating any available or spare atribute and then access that info using custom web interface. There are software available on that market that will do exactly what I am describing. Try Imanami. All in all it's not an easy task to add image of AD and then access it later. Last year on one of the conferences I spoke with one of the Microsoft's developers asking him pretty much the same thing that you are describing. He told me that Microsoft is working on some sort of integration of AD and HR functionality to better manage users and ability to add user's images is one of the features. But he didn't know when this functionality will be available. I guess we will have to look at the new version of Windows Sever when it is released and see. Hope that helped.


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      Re: Add pictures to an Exchange User

      Here is the link for a software that help you to add pictures to users AD profile
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