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OWA 2003 + path to mailbox

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  • OWA 2003 + path to mailbox


    I have Exchange 2003 up and running for some months. Today I noticed in the status bar in Internet Explorer that the path to the mailbox is not the same as the username which logged on to OWA.

    For example: The primary smtp adress for user1 is [email protected]. This user1 also has 2 other smtp adresses; [email protected] and [email protected]. These latter 2 smtp adresses don't have an AD account.

    When user1 logs into OWA with his domain credentials Domain\user1 he can open his owa mailbox, but in the statusbar you see instead of

    Can anyone explain this behaviour to me ? I really woul like to see the real username instead of the alias. Anyone knows how to fix this ?