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SenderID info not stamped in emails

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  • SenderID info not stamped in emails

    I had installed Server2003 DC with Exchange 2003 SP1.

    Then when IMF v1 came out I installed it.

    Then when Exchange2003 SP2 came out I removed IMF v1 and installed SP2

    IMV v2 catches spam and stamps SCL ratings. But...
    Sender ID does not stamp the SPL information in the emails.

    I've gone to ESM >> Global Settings >> Message Deliver (properties) >> General Tab
    -Added the ips of the exchange servers, which for testing purposes is connected directly to the internet. (normally its behind ISA2003 (published)

    Gone to Protocols and checked all boxes on the Default SMTP Virtual server.

    Something must be missing...what could it be and where can i find it? Do i need to apply KB905214? Where do i get it?

    Any ideas...

    thank you for you help!

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    Re: SenderID info not stamped in emails

    Did you use:

    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: SenderID info not stamped in emails

      I have done everything in that article...

      I have not applied the 905214 hotfix because I have not recieved any errors as indicated in the hotfix.

      Do i need to apply this to make it work? If so then 905214 is very misleading.

      I have exchange behind ISA2004...does that cause any issues?

      thanks in advance