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Outbound Issues

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  • Outbound Issues


    Recently I configured Exchange 2003 to send / receive my email. Initially all worked well until about 24 hours after initial setup.

    Mail remains in queue and never leaves, also oddly enough I am no longer able to telnet to any mail server on port 25 except for optus who is my ISP?.

    (FYI, I think I have resolved this one. It appears my ISP has blocked my ability to connect on port 25 outbound except to their mailserver!!)

    I have compared the settings of the SMTP Virtual server to that of other exchange 2003 boxes and can't spot any differences?.

    One thing I did do after initial installation was to setup dynamic dns on the router, this has since been disabled but to no avail.

    Please help. Thank you
    Last edited by Cogent; 19th January 2006, 08:53.