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Event 1708 and SMTP logins by System Attendant

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  • Event 1708 and SMTP logins by System Attendant

    Can someone please assist ASAP. I have been fighting virus outbreak, found backdoor.irc.b virus on a pc. Removed, but have been fighting over 1M messages being stent via SMTP to our Exchange 2000 server daily. I found another system infected last week, removed it and still trying looking. I am having users change passwords and this creates 1708 errors. My question is how to I troubleshoot finding the logins or pc's causing this problem? I read where the virus and backdoor can set up it's own SMTP server and use that. I suspect this as the problem but have exhausted all sources of trying to find the answer and get this solved. Please help

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    Re: Event 1708 and SMTP logins by System Attendant

    First, please install Trend or Antigen Exchange antivirus on the server.
    Then you will have option to see who sent and from viruses.
    Also, please check that the server is update and your server isnt open for relay.


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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Event 1708 and SMTP logins by System Attendant

      thank you for your reply. Trend is on the exchange server - with the lastest version. Haven't heard of the Antigen Exchange. I will have to find out what this is. Checked the settings according the my Exchange Server 24/7 book and it is set up to not relay. I don't get why the 1708 and 1707 and 1706 errors keep coming in the event log. Do you know anything about ExMon? In a previous message I explained that it shows packets being sent out with no user name. I tend to think this is inter-related?