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RPC over HTTP connection issues

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  • RPC over HTTP connection issues

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently deployed Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. I am having difficulty with the RPC configuration. I read through pretty much all of the tutorials and instructions on how to get this working, but with no success.

    Here is what the RPC ping utility reports:

    RPCPinging proxy server RPCProxyServer with Echo Request Packet
    Sending ping to server
    Error 12007 returned in the WinHttpSendRequest.
    Ping failed.

    I tried logging in:


    I was prompted for a username and password so I provided the proper credentials. It displayed a blank screen which I hear is what it should do. I just can't seem to get connected via RPC over HTTP on basic authentication or NTLM.

    There are no firewalls or anything on the network. The odd thing is that I deployed Exchange 2003 Standard on Windows 2003 SBS and everything worked perfectly fine. I am completely lost now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RPC over HTTP connection issues

    I am assuming you are running Exchange on a single server. Have a read of the following.
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      Re: RPC over HTTP connection issues

      Yes, this is on a single server. I followed all of the steps on the tutorial guide you specified and set the server as a target for RPC as a back-end server. Still no luck :-\


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        Re: RPC over HTTP connection issues

        Googeling your error brought up many results. What about this one:

        Anyway, there are many potential issues, for example regarding your SSL Certificate (where is it from, is it set to the right name, is it trusted and so on).

        Another thing I might try is lowering the MTU value on the computer, I've seen times where it makes the difference. See for info on how to check your settings and how to change them.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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          Re: RPC over HTTP connection issues

          I lowered my MTU value to one with no packet loss. Here are the results:

          C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping -f -l 1440

          Pinging [] with 1440 bytes of data:

          Reply from bytes=1440 time=43ms TTL=51
          Reply from bytes=1440 time=43ms TTL=51
          Reply from bytes=1440 time=43ms TTL=51
          Reply from bytes=1440 time=43ms TTL=51

          Ping statistics for
          Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
          Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
          Minimum = 43ms, Maximum = 43ms, Average = 43ms

          C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

          I used the application in DSL Reports to modify this. Unfortunately, I am still unable to connect via RPC over HTTP.

          The SSL certificate was installed from a third party provider and it works fine. Here is the URL to OWA:

          As you can see, the certificate should be installed fine. I even checked the "View Certificate" button under the RPC directory in IIS Manager. What is odd is when I connect via RPC using Basic Authentication via the client computer, it prompts for a username and password. However, after I enter in the appropriate login credentials, it just hangs and never connects.