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exchange cant tranlate domain.

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  • exchange cant tranlate domain.

    i know i was lame with my question today but this is the last one ! promis ! (for today...)

    i figure out why i cant send mail to , when i send it it always said to me that he cant find the specific mail at there servers, and that was strane because there was email with that name...
    i look around in monitoring and found that when i send mail to :
    [email protected] , it try to send it to [email protected]! ,
    and for the test i created a user like that in my domain and i sent the mail to [email protected] and it arrived to [email protected].
    this i did to check it :
    1) i send my mail out using my dns , clear chace, chk ths mx and a record of in my dns, using nslookup as well, all pointed out ok!
    2) i used forwarder of my isp to send it out , same prob again...

    checked EVERYWERE in my domain cand find any trace of somwere.
    checked the user in active directory, no alternative SMTP or anything that should send the mail to 012.

    help anyone ?

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    Re: exchange cant tranlate domain.

    are you sure your MX record is accurate? generate a new one just for kicks...

    do you have any policies in place? any mailbox store limits? anything in the que?

    are there any kinds of connector groups involved here?
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