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Installing 2nd 2003 exchange server

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  • Installing 2nd 2003 exchange server

    We currently have an exchange 2003 server with sp1 running in native mode. The one server runs all the mail services. I'd like to install a second server where I can split up the number mailboxes between the both servers and have 2 paths to be able to recieve and send mail. I don't have much experience installing exchange 2003 Can anyone suggest a good white paper or step by step instruction on how to accomplish this? If this is not a good manner of doing this please let me know. Also the current existing exchange server with all mailboxes aprox (350) are in one information store. When installing the second mail server should I create multiple information stores before transfering mailboxes? Or should I just keep one information store as the other server?

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    Re: Installing 2nd 2003 exchange server

    1. Please review the tools in:

    There old version on the Exchange CD ROM, but you can use the new version.

    2. Install and Ininstall IMF on the orginal server.

    3. Upgrade the current server to Exchange SP2.

    4. Use the deploy tools to install the second server.

    5. Replicate the public folders.

    6. Upgrade to Exchange SP1 and then to Exchange SP2.

    7. Install Exchange antivrus + backup agent.

    8. Storage Groups/Mailbox store - 350 mailboxes can be higher mailboxes
    number or small - depand on your server hardware + mailboxes size.

    9. There option to set the two servers to get emails from outside if you
    use two MX records (point to each server) or mail relay that give
    some load balance option.
    There need to verity that the firewall allow SMTP Port 25 from the new
    server to the internet.


    1. If you didnt do it in the past, use Visrtual PC to test this settings with
    virtual machines.
    2. There no reason no to call to third party company to assistance.
    3. Its recommanded to buy:


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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