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checking the integrity of my mail server.

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  • checking the integrity of my mail server.

    hi all,

    i want to check if my mail server is running fine ( recived a few complains that some domains cant send me mail).
    i recive mail from most of the companys im working with but few companies complained that if they send mail it wont get to me.

    ok, i read that i need to use a telnet command, i tried but it return me an error
    the telnet command is : telnet 25
    the error i get back is : Connecting To mydomail 5: Connect failed

    i still getting mail to my server... beside that few specific domain and i cant isolat what can cause that.

    ida any1?

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    Re: checking the integrity of my mail server.

    1. Verity correct MX + PTR records set to your domain.
    2. Verity that your IP/domain arent in black list.
    3. Use telnet to
    4. Verity that there no antivirus/antispam that block email..
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: checking the integrity of my mail server.

      thanks for trying to help yuval, ill explain myself more clearly.

      im working with SBS2000 and ISA2000.

      i discoverd that my exchange server can get mail from ouside except (cant send or get mail from them).
      i talked with my ips and they run test said everything ok from there side.
      i talked with 012 customer service and they said im not in any blacklist on their side, their DNS point to the right ip, and they tried to telnet me and recived error connection so they said that if they cant telnet me on port 25 so there user cant.
      my question is :
      1. i can get mail from all other suppliers, and other internet sites (gmail ect).
      2. i can send mail to these domains.
      3. i tried to telnet from inside my company and got the same error!
      4.i have ISA 2000 as a firewall, i checked the access policies for port 25 and there is inbound and outbound rule avalible.
      5. I STILL CAN GET MAIL FROM EVERYONE EXCEPT THEM ! (my boss want to hang me !)

      please if you have any ida how i can test it , track down what keep mail out and in from them specific ill be so greatfull!!!!!


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        Re: checking the integrity of my mail server.

        ps. found somthing !!!!! (stupid me !)

        i tried to chk port 25 using telnet, but my ISA server block port 23 ! the telnet port....

        so i guess this error dont count for much, but still remains the problem.



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          Re: checking the integrity of my mail server.

          ok, ...

          i opend telnet port and though i can telnet my mail server but still an error...

          what the hell is going here ?!