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Exchange 2003 with Outlook over http

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  • Exchange 2003 with Outlook over http

    I seem to have an issue on one workstation connection using outlook over http.

    I have the server setup for rpc over https and one workstation connects properly inside and out side the office.

    However, one workstation can't connect using outlook over http. What is strange is that the workstation keeps asking for the username and password when connected in the office using the exchange outlook over http option within Outlook. And the user cannot connect using his username and password as it isn't accepted when in the office or outside the office. If I turn off outlook over http the user can connect to the exchange server when they are in the office. (I have outlook over http set for a ssl connection, I added the certificate to the workstation, and have the authentication set to basic)

    Any idea on what the issue might be here?

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    Re: Exchange 2003 with Outlook over http

    Have you double-checked all the settings between the two computers to compare that they are exactly the same ?
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