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2nd Exchange server, moved mailboxes, can't send externally

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  • 2nd Exchange server, moved mailboxes, can't send externally

    Set up a second Exchange server in the domain, moved a couple mailboxes over to it, and now those users cannot send to external addresses. Enabled message tracking and it shows that the messages get routed and queued for remote delivery, but they never actually show up in the recipients email client. This is Exchange 2003 SP2. Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

    The second server was trying to use it's own SMTP virtual server to send out the emails, and when it'd try to contact other servers on port 25, the replies would be directed by the firewall to the first server, where port 25 is forwarded. Ended up creating a new SMTP Connector since the second server didn't seem to be paying attention to the Routing Group of which it was a member.
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