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Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

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  • Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

    I have been applying exchange 2003 SP2 upgrades to several client servers and one in particular has changed slightly. This seems pretty trivial but when logging into webmail it used to be simply your username and password. Ever since the update the user is now forced to logon by putting the domain before the username ie. domain\username

    Is there any way this can be changed to allow the username to be entered or can anyone explain this change which has affected exchange webmail. Note: this is an SBS 2003 server

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

    SP2 resets the logon script for OWA in the IIS directory/scripts back to the default Microsoft setting. This is where you need to put the domain/username in to login.

    Follow this link/instructions to change it back to the username/password login. I had to do the same thing on my Exchange servers.

    To give credit where do- this came from the Petri page:
    "How can I configure Forms-Based Authentication in Exchange Server 2003 OWA?"

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

      Thanks for that it's exactly what i was looking for thanks for your help. Will confirm that it works when i apply the change.


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        Re: Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

        Tmlt, even though a thoughtful member had posted about it being overwritten, alzymers kicked in and of course I killed it when applying SP2. Fortunately when I was customizing my FBA Logon.asp I made a sub folder at its home location and saved a copy of the modified logon.asp there. Was then a simple Copy & Paste the modified file back. I try and make a copy of all files I customize to cut back on re-doing the original work when the memory fails (frequently).
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          Re: Exchange Service Pack 2 - Webmail

          Worked a treat. Of course i remembered to backup the file i altered, been burned by that one before.

          Thanks to you both.