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Moving Exchange from a SBS server

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  • Moving Exchange from a SBS server

    I have client that is running Small Business 2003 Premium and has hit the hard limit on mail storeage. They want to move Exchange from the SBS DC to another server. How hard is this type of migration? They have licenses for the new server (Server 2008R2) and Exchange (2007).

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    Re: Moving Exchange from a SBS server

    Nothing different to a regular Exchange 2003 to 2007 migration. You will lose all of the integration to SBS.

    Are you sure it is Exchange 2007 licences they have? They must have had them for some time.
    You will have to use Exchange 2007 SP3 for Windows 2008 R2 support.

    The migration process is very well documented on Technet and others.
    Basically install Exchange 2007, add SSL certificates etc. Replicate public folders, move mailboxes, remove Exchange 2003.

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