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internet header questions

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  • internet header questions

    Hi All,

    From an Outlook client, I am interested to view the internet header information of email which was sent and internally routed within the Exchange server mailboxes.

    My questions
    1. why did Exchange SMTP remove the internet header for internally routed email but show the internet header for an internet transported email?

    2. it is possible to setup Exchange SMTP to show the header info?? if yes, how?


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    Re: internet header questions

    If I understand your question correctly, you want to know about headers that would exist between internal recipients.

    These do not exist because the message never reaches the internet.

    They only get added if you send a mail to an external recipient or you receive a mail from an external sender




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      Re: internet header questions

      Hi s93ncer,

      Your understanding of my questions is correct.

      I was looking at this kb,

      And from the illustration, it seems SMTP is involved regardless whether you are sending email to an external or internal recipients.

      So I think it is still possible for SMTP to stamp internet header info for internal recipients.

      I guest I need to research more to find what to edit in the IIS metadata.

      Thanks for your feedback.



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        Re: internet header questions

        From what i can remember the internet headers will not get applied to internal mail as it never actually uses SMTP for delivery.