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Exchange 2003 - RPC over HTTP Question

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  • Exchange 2003 - RPC over HTTP Question

    My problem is when connecting to my server it still appears that the Outlook 2003 client is trying to use TCP/IP to connect to the Directory. I found this by using the Connection StatusÖ for Outlook. This happens when I am on the local LAN or accessing across the Internet. Below is a description of my environment.

    I have a front-end/back-end Exchange environment with the back-end server (mailserver02) being a DC but not a GC. The GC role was added to this server at one time but caused issues and it has not been revisited yet. I have three other servers (netserver01, netserver02 and fpserver01) that are DC but (fpserver01) is the only GC.

    Everything seems to be working and I can connect and retrieve and send my messages, I can even browse the GAL and Public Folders. I canít seem to find anything that isnít working but I thought it was strange that the Directory is still trying to use TCP/IP.

    At the point that the back-end server (mailserver02) was being setup as a GC the following registry key was added to the server and is still present today. HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parame ters NSPI interface protocol sequences with a value of ncacn_http:6004. From the things I have been able to find this value should only be used if the back-end server is a GC in a single server environment. I am getting this from Step 8 in MS KB 827330. Or should all the GC servers within your environment have this registry key added? This article is confusing because it says it is only required in a single-server environment but goes on to tell you to do the steps on each of your Windows Server 2003 global catalog servers.

    Can someone please help shed some light on this subject? I would like to get this resolved so we can get this rolled out to our remote users.