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New Messages not updating in ActiveSync

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  • New Messages not updating in ActiveSync

    This site and forum have been very helpful in getting my ActiveSync working on my Palm TX and Dell Axim 51v. (I am evaluating both for use in my company)

    Both devices have the same result: When doing a sync over a WiFi connection the sync performs without error, but no new email messages arrive on the device(s). (occaisionally one, or two arrive, but there are several more that don't)

    OMA works fine:
    If I use the Web Browser on either device and go to "https://server/oma" and log in, I can see that there are new messages that the devices did not download.

    Other quirks - doing either one of these will cause all new messages to be found in a WiFi Sync:

    1. If I open Outlook on my PC to confirm that there are new emails, and then close Outlook, then do a WiFi sync on the handheld, it now finds the new messages.

    2. If I delete the Exchange email account on the handheld, and then re-add it, and do a sync, it will find all the emails, including the new ones.

    Bottom Line: ActiveSync seems to work fine, but does not download new messages, or only downloads one or two.

    Is there anything I can do to "force" the sync operation to get the new emails?

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    Re: New Messages not updating in ActiveSync

    I had the exact same problem with autd not working well. Please follow:

    this is a good article to use for troubleshooting this problem...

    Also see:;en-us;873291

    to control a regkey called batchtimer which by default is 15 minutes. It can be set higher or to 0....according to the "rules"; however, seems that it can only do 0, 15, or >15 minutes (nothing below 15 minutes except 0).

    Hope this helps.