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How to remove the first mail store correctly?

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  • How to remove the first mail store correctly?


    I am in the middle of migration from Exch2003 to Exch2010. Moving mailboxes from 03 to 2010. I am about finish with the first of 3 Mail Stores. I would like to remove and delete the first Mail Store to recover some space on the Exch2003 server because its running out of space fast.

    I believe there is some special way to remove the first mail store because it contains the SMTP, Microsoft System Attendant, System Mailbox. I think the System Attendant is the most important. What is the correct process to remove this first mailstore so I don't disrupt or mess up my old dying Exchange 2003 rather my users that are still on the old server.

    Thanks for you opinion!

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    Re: How to remove the first mail store correctly?

    Do not remove that DB until you have moved all mailboxes off Exchange 2003. The system attendant is required during the mailbox move. If that DB is dismounted, there will be no access to the system mailboxes or the system attendant and thus mailbox moves will fail.
    If you need additional disk space, consider enabling circular logging during your migration. Add more disk space if possible. Or if there is enough white space and you have the spare disk space, consider a defrag of the first DB assuming there are no mailboxes in it, bar the system mailboxes.
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      Re: How to remove the first mail store correctly?

      If you are removing the first mailbox database then you need to restart the information store service immediately afterwards, so that Exchange will recreate the system mailboxes on another database.

      You don't have to keep the original database around, as long as you don't leave the server for any period of time without it.

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