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exchane not receiving all mail?

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  • exchane not receiving all mail?

    Hi Peeps,

    We have a local exchange server 2003 setup at our office.
    about 5 days ago we noticed something strange happening on the mail server.
    We are able to send mail internally and external to any email address but we are unable to receive all the mail being sent to us from external sources (internal works great).
    The problem...

    When I send a email to a single user on our domain ([email protected]) from a external source like gmail the mail wont come through.

    Now here is where it gets weird.When I send a email with a attachment to multiple users on our domain ([email protected] and [email protected]) the mail gets delivered to both recipients.However if I send a email to multiple users on the same domain without a attachment the mail fails to deliver.

    There is no error message or delivery failure notification message on gmail.

    It gets even more weird.
    When I check the Queues there's nothing delayed or pending delivery.

    Our domain's Ip has been forwarded to our local server and the exchange email addresses are hosted at our office.

    can anyone recommend or give some advice on how I can troubleshoot?

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    Re: exchane not receiving all mail?

    Does message tracking show anything for the missing emails.

    what AV/AS setup do you have?

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