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Forward unresolved mailboxes to a central server

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  • Forward unresolved mailboxes to a central server


    We're a small hosting solution provider, and we have got a demand from a nationwide franchising customer wich runs a central office where an existing Exchange server handles email for their domain.

    A local office has contacted us with the desire to run all their IT on an ASP solution, wich would work fine. Our AD and the customers central AD will not know about eachother, no VPN or such.
    I was thinking of using a POP connector to download the email from the central server to ours, but I guess the problem will arise when they need to send email to a mailbox on the central server, like the CEO etc since our exch server will think it hosts the entire domain...
    How do we adress this problem? I want my server to do a forward to all "unexisting" accounts for this domain, giving it a chance to find its way to the central site.
    I've noticed the "forward all unresolved hosts..." but can I use it to point to the central server?

    An answer will be highly appreciated!


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    Re: Forward unresolved mailboxes to a central server

    I'm thinking that you need to review customer requirements again acording to: (For example)
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Forward unresolved mailboxes to a central server

      Sorry, that didn't help me much in this case, although it's a good reference of keeping different customer domains apart!
      The trick I'm trying to accomplish is to be able to send mail to [email protected], wich resides on a server at central office, from my account [email protected] wich is on my server.
      The problem is that my exchange server thinks it holds the entire mail domain for, finds no john.doe and reports it back to me.

      Thanks for the reply though!