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Mail Stuck in SMTP Virtual server queue

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  • Mail Stuck in SMTP Virtual server queue

    Hi all, i guess you hear that question before but i couldnt fount it anywere...
    my system runs with : sbs2000 (exchange 2000).
    The problem is that in Exchange Managment > server > protocols > smtp > smtp virtual server > queue

    all the mail my worker send stuck in there and dont go out !
    that problem begans yesterday and till now all work out just fine !

    nothing been touched... and the mail just piling up in there... some with error sign and retry in action, some still active, but non of them deliverd outside.

    inside mail working fine.

    what can cause that ?

    can the DNS connected to that ?

    i look inside it and found all kind of records... is it safe to "clear cache" cuz it have alot of junk there...

    thanks ! need ur help !

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    Re: Mail Stuck in SMTP Virtual server queue

    i used a site i found in one previous "my kind of prob" found here using search, site is DNSReport and i check my dns,

    i found on error in the chk, few warning but one error, what is it plz ?!

    ERROR: One or more of your mailservers does not accept mail to [email protected]. Mailservers are required (RFC822 6.3, RFC1123 5.2.7, and RFC2821 4.5.1) to accept mail to postmaster.'s postmaster response: >>> RCPT TO:<[email protected]> <<< 550 <[email protected]>... Relaying denied

    what is [email protected] , ? , were it is configuerd ?!

    can it cause me not sending out messages ?!


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      Re: Mail Stuck in SMTP Virtual server queue

      darn... nobody wants to help me

      anyway... i think theat I did somthing wrong...

      i think i delete the mx record from the DNS, can i restore the record throw the exchange 2000 ?
      i tried to creat a 'NEW MAIL EXCAHNGER' in my forward zone and he want to know my MAIL SERVER...
      should i give him my exchange server name ?
      or the ISP mail server gateway (or what its called)...


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        Re: Mail Stuck in SMTP Virtual server queue

        Found the problem ! Fount the cure ! lol...

        want to share it with u in case... u know...

        1st, my exchange was under NDR attack :

        NDR Attack is where messages are sent to your server with an bogus email adress so that your server will bounce them back to the bogus adress...
        and now... you are the Spammer.

        ok, what i couldnt understad is that even that i restared the server and the internet speed and everything was back to normal , still i had a my OUTBOUND mail in queue (in mail was fine...)

        finally i understand (with the help of my MCSE teacher) that the problem was my ISA server.

        when ISA realized i were under attack he block port 25 to prevent my server to spam back, but after the attack it didnt open it back... and... all mail stuck in queue.

        all you need to do is to creat a Mail server publish role in ISA Publish roles and all is fine again

        hope this information will help anyone in the future... for me it was 3 days of no mail outside the company... bosses who wanted to kill me , and alot of headheck...

        p.s, more information on NDR attack just use goolge and search for NDR Attack and youll find many good information on that subject, what is it and how to discover it and how to defend against it.

        ciya all later,