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Can Exchange 2003 act as a 2nd MX service

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  • Can Exchange 2003 act as a 2nd MX service

    Is it possible for Exchange to be configured to accept mail on behalf of a alternative doman and forward to the primary MX record when it comes back on line?

    A "catch and forward all" type service?

    MX records will need creating with a higher cost pointing to the secondary?

    But what configuration needed on the Second Exchange server?

    This would help many of my smaller clients running their own SBS servers, but dont have this service available from their ISP.

    Many thanks for any help.

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    Re: Can Exchange 2003 act as a 2nd MX service

    The idea is to setup "RUS" service and setup the Exchange "RUS" without note that it doesnt responsible for the mailboxes. After set the correct "RUS Policy", the Exchange will get the emails (if you setup for it MX record with low priority) and then try to send them to the server that host the mailboxes.


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