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Processing mail - run a program if criteria met

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  • Processing mail - run a program if criteria met

    Hi everyone

    I want users to be able to RDP to their PCs in the office and so need to send wake up signals as the PCs are normally off when not in use. I have proved that our PCs respond ok and I want it to be as easy as possible for users and keep them away from any server or router commands.

    I want them to send an email to Admin with "WOL 5" in the subject. Upon receipt the server will run a batch file to wake up PC5. Simple really and it will allow me to monitor all requests. I think there are two ways to do this :

    Option 1 - stay logged in as Admin on the server with Outlook running and use a Rule to "Start an Application". This works but intuitively it does not sound right to keep Admin logged on. Can someone comment on this please ?

    Option 2 - use a script or similar to check messages as they arrive without being logged on. This is like a server side rule. I've tried the MapiLabs rule program but it does not have "Start an Application" as an option. Does anyone have any ideas how this could be set up/written/implemented ?

    Many thanks