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  • Occasional Relay Issues

    The parent company I work for purchased a small business. The two networks are not tied together and do not share resources and are not physically located together, therefore emails between the two domains go between the two exchange servers out across internet connections.

    We have one employee on the small business side (and that server runs SBS2003), office manager, who frequently emails into the parent company to HR, management, IT, etc.

    Recently she has started receiving occasional NDR reports (5.7.1, smtp 554, relay access denied). In all casaes when she receives the NDR she can immediately resend the message and it will go thru. She can also forward me the NDR message so I am aware (my email is at the parent company).

    Out of maybe 20 emails a day she sends to the parent company, she possibly gets 1 NDR. They also don't happen daily. Recipients are not always unique, so it is not that she has a bad email.

    I have recently tracked down and cleaned up a spam and virus issue in this small business, and the exchange server is not only receiving a small volume of emails a day. (74 message in a 12hr period today). The latest NDR, the time frame it happened there was 1 message received and 1 message being sent. There were no other emails within a 10 min timeframe.

    Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.