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Routing Group Queue Problem

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  • Routing Group Queue Problem

    I have 2 exchange 2k3 servers, one on each site. Each site has an adsl connection to the internet protected by a pix firewall. Over this a vpn runs to connect both sites to each other.
    The mx record is regsitered to an external ip address associated with site A so external mail comes into site A and is handled by server A with an smtp connector. There are 2 routing groups defined within the exchange organisation with server A in one and server B in the other (SMTP connector is also in routing group A).
    The routing groups are connected together via a routing group connector defined in each routing group. The remote bridgehead server is specified in each routing group connector.
    Now for the problem. If a user with a mailbox on server A tries to send an e-mail to a user hosted on server B then the mail gets stuck in the routing group connector. This is also true if a user on server B tries to send to a user on server A.
    E-mails between users on server A can be sent and received fine. Internet e-mail destined for users on server A are also received fine.
    E-mails between users on server B can be sent and received fine.
    Has anybody got any ideas? All the messages sit in their respective routing group connectors with a status of queued.
    Please help before i tear any more hair out.

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    Re: Routing Group Queue Problem

    Please try to remove the SMTP connector and enable logging on SMTP.

    Also, please review:
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    Yuval Sinay

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