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Outlook not connecting over WiFi

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  • Outlook not connecting over WiFi

    I have a user whose laptop is joined to the domain (windows 7) but when she opens Outlook (2003) it asks her for the userneme and password but doesn't connect when she types it in in form of domain\usrename. I remember seeing that elsewhere but then the quick workaround was to use cable. In this case it's not an option as she's too far from any network port. Why would it work on cable but not over WiFi? The AP is on the same network.

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    Re: Outlook not connecting over WiFi

    Is the machine a member of the domain?
    Is your wireless on the internal network?
    A domain member shouldn't get any kind of password prompt, therefore it looks like the issue might be DNS related.

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      Re: Outlook not connecting over WiFi

      Sambee answers to all your questions are in my first post. Why would you think it's DNS related? The DHCP entry matches DNS record so this should be just fine.


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        Re: Outlook not connecting over WiFi

        What you might find is that the user is not being logged on correctly from WiFi as the WiFi connection will no be connected until after the user has started logon.

        As the issue doesn't actually happen when the user is connected via cable its the only thing i can think of.

        What kind of card is installed?? IIRC there used to be the prelogon connect on Intel adapters.

        Pre-Logon Connect (PLC)
        PLC adds the ability to establish a wireless LAN connection before completion of the Windows* logon process. This component allows for processing of user login scripts over the wireless LAN connection in a similar manner to a wired LAN connection.

        Profiles using Persistent Connect, Pre-Logon Connect, or both can be configured using the administrator toolkit software component available through a custom software installation. See software Help for directions on configuring profiles.

        Could be worth investigating.


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          Re: Outlook not connecting over WiFi

          Now that sounds sensible. I'll give that a go. Many thanks


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            Re: Outlook not connecting over WiFi

            Unfortunately that NIC doesn't support either of the mentioned features. Guess I'll set it up to go over http to sort it out.