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  • OWA problem

    I am using Windows2003 Server domain controller and Exchange server 2003. I am facing a problem with the OWA users. The internal users cannot able to access thru OWA by using the domain name, but they can access by providing the IP address in the browser. I have configured a ISA server but there is no restriction for any user to access the company site. The users in the domain cannot even access the company website. When i tried to access that its giving me an Under Construction page. Can any one please help me?

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    Re: OWA problem

    Look out for DNS issues - do you have a different namespace for the internal domain than you're using for the external domain name?

    Look for host headers issues on IIS, perhaps you have more than one website set up.

    For help other than that you'll need to provide more info.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: OWA problem

      Well, yes we are using two different domain, one for the internal and other for the external and both are having different namespace. The website is not hosted by our company. Till now to all my users I have to provide the public ip of my SMTP server and they are using that only to access the mails from outside ans they are able to do that fine. Could you please provide me some solution.


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        Re: OWA problem

        Hi Panky,

        First of all, try to ping the DNS FQDN of the owa from the outside to check if it reply with right IP Address.
        if so, then check IIS Host Headers, and SSL Certificates on the ISA and on the Exchange. i have encountered on several occations that due to problems with the SSL Certificate and or CA Trusted root authorities on the ISA Server, the entire OWA didn't work from the outside.

        if you need further assitance, please supply more details about your enviorment including your network enviorment, Exchagne and ISA versions, and if availble, any IP, NAT and DNS info you can provide.
        Yaniv Feldman
        Microsoft Security Regional Director
        Microsoft Management Expert
        MCSA, MCSE, MCT