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2 server confusion

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  • 2 server confusion

    i have 2 server installed with Win 2003 Svr. Both installed with Microsoft Exchange 2003.
    Server A name is = mail
    Server B name is = mail1

    My public IP is = 210.34.xx.22
    My mx record is =

    I set smtp, pop3, imap4 to point to the firewall and port foward to the mail1.

    The problem is now I want mail1 to become the primary smtp and receiving email but seem like if i unplugged the network at mail, the email wont go through, it still search for mail.

    What to do if i want mail1 to became the main server????

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    Re: 2 server confusion

    For sending email, check your SMTP Connector has the correct bridgehead set. You may have to change it.
    Due to the way that Exchange works, you cannot just unplug the old server, there are a lot of things that have to be done on the old server before the new one can take over.

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