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HTTP Error in OWA 2000

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  • HTTP Error in OWA 2000

    Hi all

    I have just installed a new Exchange 2000 server and have tried to set up OWA 2000 but keep getting a HTTP error 404 file not found. The history is that the exchange used to be on the DC and ISA box and OWA was setp up and working before although there was no reference to this in ISA so Im not sure how it worked!
    Troubleshooting I have done:- I am able to get to the exchange from internal using http://servername/exchange and it works fine
    I have set up OWA using the tutorial on this site so to recap, I made the necessary adjustments to IIS ON THE EXCHANGE SERVER, allowing basic authentication and then published the web server on the ISA server.
    When I check the logs on the exchange IIS, there is nothing, however, when I check the logs on the ISA IIS, there is information in there about the attempts to connect which I assume should not be there if ISA was redirecting correctly.
    The web address we use to connect is which is basically our MX record name so it points to our external IP.

    I have checked our DNS records and deleted a reference to (MX Record) and also a host record poitning to the same thing.

    Its got to be something simple (like me) but I cannot work it out and its getting pretty urgent!

    thanks for any help


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    Re: HTTP Error in OWA 2000

    UPDATE !

    I have removed IIS from the ISA server as per a couple of suggestions and I now do not even get the log on box which kinda confirms that it was using IIS on the ISA server and not in the exchange server as it should do.
    Now I am stuck again so any suggestions would be great!