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  • RPC through HTTP

    I am attempting to configure RPC through http for the first time. (Actually first time installing exchange in general) I've followed the guide on this site, and exchange is functioning. When i attempt to configure outlook to utilize RPC through http from outside the network, it prompts for login credentials, but when they are entered, re-prompts.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Also, the application error log is showing active sync error 3005 for all users utilizing mobile devices. Are these related?

    Thanks again in advance for your help. I'm sure additional information is needed. I just don't know where to start.

    EDIT/additional info:
    - This is exchange 2003 sp2, running on server 2003..
    - the article here support .microsoft .com/kb/937635 directs me to verify/change Exchange-OMA properties in IIS. Exchange-OMA does not exist on my server.
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    Re: RPC through HTTP

    Exchange-OMA is for ActiveSync, nothing to do with RPC over HTTPS.
    Primary reason for repeated authenticated prompts is authentication mismatch - where you have basic selected in IIS and you have configured Outlook to use Integrated/NTLM. The other cause is SSL certificates issues - not using a signed certificate, using a name that is different etc.

    Nothing new in your question. I will direct you to my own section on the feature which goes over the most common issues with the setup.

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