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  • Public Folder forms - send as!

    We have a public folder which users can send mail on behalf of to
    encourage all support mail into one folder. The problem is when they do
    this they need to first select the from field to choose the public
    folder address, then remove their signatures from the bottom of the

    To get the users to buy into this I really need a one click solution
    (reply button!) which would prefill the from field, bcc to the public
    folder address and allow a default signature.. Can MS really have
    missed this out??

    I have already created a custom form based on outlook message & inserted the BCC & from fields. On the value tab for these 2 fields I checked "Set the
    initial value of this field to" & input [email protected]. I then
    published this form to the public folder, but when replying the user
    still needs to choose the form which seems more complicated for them
    than using the from field!! Ideally when hitting reply the default form
    would be the newly created one.

    Additionally the 2 fields I inserted pull todays date thru & not [email protected]!!

    I'm confused. I did find a site which explained it well, but I cannot get agents tab to appear in Outlook 2003 so that ended sharply too??
    Any help is greatly appreciated..