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Need Help Exchange 2010 upgrade, 2003 PF's not replicating.

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  • Need Help Exchange 2010 upgrade, 2003 PF's not replicating.

    Ok, so I've been working on upgrading from 2003 to 2010 but having some difficulties.
    I see all the Public folders on the 2010 exchange server, but, they have no content.
    If a user adds content to the folders it doesn't sync to the 2003 and doesn't work the other way around.
    I'm not sure what step I am missing. I can't move the public folders, but I need them to replicate so that my 2003 users can still get to them. I have waited 5 days for it to happen and not luck yet. Some of my 2003 users are getting errors trying to connect to the public folders, and I really need to get this fixed, Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Need Help Exchange 2010 upgrade, 2003 PF's not replicating.

    Primary reason for public folder replication failing is a smart host on the SMTP Virtual Server. If you have one set, then it MUST be removed. If you need to use a smart host set it on a SMTP Connector in Exchange 2003.

    Second reason is something blocking the traffic. AV is notorious for this, firewalls can also cause the same problem.

    Third reason is the SMTP virtual server is not at the default settings, so connection settings are locked down, authentication settings changed etc.

    Message Tracking on Exchange 2003 will tell you if the public folder content is being delivered, it is easy to spot when you run a Message Tracking query in ESM.

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