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Migrating Exchange 2003 to the Cloud

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  • Migrating Exchange 2003 to the Cloud

    Just wondering if someone can give me some advice on the following situation

    About a year ago the company I work for elected to mover our network infrastructure out of our office and in to a cloud provider on shared hosting. So far we've moved about 11 servers, including sql and domain controllers and now just have our mailserver left
    It is an Exchange 2003 server with aproximately 150 users. I need to devise a way to migrate this server in to the cloud with little downtime. Issues such as how do I prevent bounce backs from happenning while the server is down need to be addressed.
    Just looking for a guidline or a point in the right direction.
    Some kind of scenario such as coexisting exchange servers while waiting for a cutover would be nice.
    Can 2 Exchange servers coexist while doing a migration?

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    Re: Migrating Exchange 2003 to the Cloud

    Are you planning on maintaining a cloud and on-premises solution or entirely migrating to the cloud?

    When you say Exchange servers co-existing, do you mean, for example, Exchange 2010 and 2003 or with the cloud?