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Original contents of default.htm or default.asp?

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  • Original contents of default.htm or default.asp?

    Can anyone provide the original contents of default.htm or default.asp for the default website on Exchange 2003? I am working on a server that had the contents changed for a redirect to the Exchange virtual directory. No backup of the original file was made. I realize I can reset the Exchange virtual directories however, I am in the process of a migration, it is working now, and I don't want to break it since we're moving off of it. The redirect "may" be causing problems with Active Sync coexistence and I would like to prove or rule out before wasting a lot of time troubleshooting what may not be a problem. Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Original contents of default.htm or default.asp?

    There is no default.asp file in the root by default.
    In a default installation it would be a file called iisstart.asp or something like that.

    The only exception to this rule is SBS, which does place a default.asp file in the root of the default web site.

    Even if a redirect asp file was being used, it wouldn't cause a problem with ActiveSync, as ActiveSync goes direct to its own virtual directory. A redirect set in IIS Manager might cause problems though.

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      Re: Original contents of default.htm or default.asp?

      Thank you for pointing me in the direction of the iisstart file. This is what I needed. The redirection that was created in the default.asp & the redirection from http to https both caused co-existance issues for Active Sync with Exchange 2010. I found an original iisstart, moved it to the top of the list and removed the http to https redirect and now my co-existence is working for Active Sync.