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Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

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  • Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

    Good Morning

    I have an issue when trying to add a users mailbox to any outlook client. When I go to add an additional mailbox and type in the user's name is brings up a different users name. I do not have access to the users account that it brings up, it seems to be mapping somehow by the name. I have checked with the user and they do not receive emails that are currently in the users mailbox. I have checked the send on behalf, forwarding, security access and the user which outlook suggests is not mentioned at all. I have also checked on a different outlook client as well with no luck .What could the reason for this be and how can I stop it from happening? We are running Exchange 2003 Version: 6.5.7638.1 on Windows server 2003 r2.

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    Re: Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

    What is the LegacyExchangeDN for the additional mailbox you're trying to add?


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      Re: Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

      how do I find out the legacyexchangeDN for the user using exchange 2003? On microsoft website for the legacyDN tool it states:

      Important This tool is to be used in a test environment only. Do not use it to make changes in a production system because doing so will render all Exchange databases as unstartable.

      tried searching google for other solutions and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Both users were created in the same Domain and on the same server.
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        Re: Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

        If you search for the two users in ADUC with the exchange tools installed do the two accounts all look as you would expect for names/aliases etc?

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          Re: Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

          Yes the Aliases look correctly setup and reference the correct user and in the correct container as well.


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            Re: Outlook adds wrong Mailbox

            How about trying to add the mailbox by e-mail address.
            Also check that the account you are trying to add isnt hidden from the address list.

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