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    We have exchange 2003, running on a Windows 2003 SBS server. This exchange server provides mail for multiple domains. We are attempting to set up a 'catch-all' mailbox for one of the domains. I've followed the instructions provided by Microsoft in knowledge base article 324021

    Having done this the following happens:
    • Internal mail routes fine, even accross the multiple domains the exchange server covers.
    • External mail to valid addresses on the domain with the catch-all work.
    • External mail to invalid address are not routed to the 'catch-all', and return a 550 5.1.1 user unkown message to the sender.

    Does anyone have any idea what setting / settings we need to change to get mail sent externally to route correctly to the catch all mailbox?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Catch all mailbox

    Catch Alls should be avoided at all costs. They are nothing but a spam trap.

    All of the Exchange methods are kludges which don't always work very well and often cause more problems.

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