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Removing 2000 keeping 2003

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  • Removing 2000 keeping 2003


    We are in a process to migration a old Windows Domain.

    The domain has only one Windows 2000 domain (SRVA), one DC and many trace of old DCs who doesn't been uninstalled.
    On this DC we have Exchange 2000 (not used)

    A Windows 2003 running Exchange 2003 (working fine) (SRVB).

    We have installed a Windows 2003 (SRVC) and DC Promo it, etc, clean DC, AD, GC, etc.

    Domain seems to work ok.

    BUT ... the default exchange is now (SRVA) without reason. We want to get back to (SRVB) as default.

    Then we will like to remove the exchange 2000 from the network. Once done We will install a Windows 2008 (SRVD) and migration the Domain, and remove (SRVA).

    We are not sure of all the steps.

    Do you have any suggestion or guideline for:

    1- Exchange 2000 removal and keeping 2003
    2- Migration for the Windows 2008

    Bests Regards,


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    Re: Removing 2000 keeping 2003

    I think one of your first steps should be to do a metadata cleanup and remove traces of the old domain controllers that no longer exist.

    when you say SRVA is the default Exchange server, what do you mean?

    It sounds like you may need to review processes for removing an Exchange 2000 server from a domain.
    that seems the best way forward to me at the moment.
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