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Crazy spam problem

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  • Crazy spam problem

    Hi guys thanks for reading and hopefully helping (and hopefully im in the correct area of the forum)
    i have been working on this site now for over 1 week and although i wouldnt say im an IT noob this problem as completely stumped me

    I am dealing with an SBS 2003 server with 2003 exchange
    now the problem is for the past week the server/Exchange queue is filling by the minute with spam emails (, etc) and have huge message numbers, the latest as over 40000 messages in.
    well the company as been placed on a blacklist obviously but i have tried lots of things to stop this but can't
    i have scanned the server with malwarebytes, hitman pro, the AVG 2012 file server they have. it finds nothing
    i have checked each individual pc with hitman pro, malwarebytes, security essentials etc and nothing is found?

    all the companies mail routes through DNS, because the isp recently stopped using a smart host.
    i have to every couple of hours log onto the server and empty the queue of bad mail.
    i have also stopped the services, changed the name of the queue and let exchange create a new queue but the mail still comes into the queue.
    i have also turned all the pc's off and turned them on 1 by 1 and all pc's are turned off at night and the emails still join the queue. so im certain the problem is more than likely to be the server.
    so something is hiding somewhere, is there a program etc that will show where the mail is coming from as im seriously running out of ideas now

    all help will be appreciated

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    Re: Crazy spam problem

    It is worth reviewing whether recipient filtering is enabled and tarpitting.


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      Re: Crazy spam problem

      Wow thanks for speedy response
      Sorry my knowledge ends where i said, where do i find where you have mentioned?
      And what do they do what u have suggested?


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        Re: Crazy spam problem

        Either your anti-spam solution has enabled it or external provider doing filtering. It can be enabled directly on Exchange 2003.

        Recipient Filtering

        Review Step 2 of the following article.

        Tarpitting - to be enabled after Recipient Filtering has been enabled.


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          Re: Crazy spam problem

          Read this:

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