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msExchMailboxGuid Conversion

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  • msExchMailboxGuid Conversion

    Can anyone help me convert a purged user's mailbox msExchMailboxGuid into the correct format?

    I've searched and read, and read some more back I can't seem to convert the following GUID from an ExMerge error log:


    I need to restore a purged user's mailbox and I only have Exchange 2003 Standard. So, I restored the Information Store to the Recovery Storage Group. I created a dummy user and mailbox, now I need to change the msExchMailboxGuid in ADSI of the dummy user to match the purged user. However, I can't get the correct number of's like I'm missing 1 or 2 sets of characters.

    I've tried the method using a different purged user and it works...I just can't get the one I really need.

    Help anyone?