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Exchange 2003 Routing over three Admin Groups

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  • Exchange 2003 Routing over three Admin Groups

    Hi there,

    I've taken over a messy network and have the following config at present.

    Windows 2003 AD Domain in three Sites:

    Site A has two domain controllers, A_DC1 and A_EX1(this one runs Exchange 2003 aswell) and a member server A_OWA1 running Exchange frontend

    Site B has two domain controllers, B_DC1 and B_EX1(Exchange on this too)

    Site C has one Domain controller, C_DC1 and a member server C_EX1(exchange on this)

    The three sites are connected as follows: Site A has a leased line to Site B and Site C has a VPN to Site B. There is no link between Site A and Site C (We are going for MPLS between the three sites soon but it won't be in place for a couple of months)

    The three exchange servers are in seperate Administrative Groups. Mail flow fine from Site A to Site B and visa versa and from Site B to Site C and visa versa.

    When an external email for a user in Site C arrives at the SMTP server in Site A it sits in the 'Messages with unreachable destination' queue. Now I can move MX records to point to Site B and it will resolve this particular problem but what about users in Site A sending to users in Site C. How can the exchange server in Site A (A_EX1) deliver mail for C_EX1 through B_EX1 or is this not possible?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Exchange 2003 Routing over three Admin Groups

    Managed to get a VPN tunnel up between Site A and Site C for the mo.

    If anybody knows if I could have done this without the link between Site A and Site C it would be nice