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  • Mail Error

    I have setup a test lab and am pretty new to exchange so please forgive me.
    I have two exchange servers Ver 2003 SP1.
    My problem is when I send a mail from a user on server1 to a user on server 2 it never gets there.
    When I send from a user on server 2 to a user on server 1 it is OK.

    When I send locally it is fine.

    Looking at the queues on Server1 then the queue has the mails and it is in a status of semaphore timeout period has expired.

    I can telnet OK on port 25 and I have checked DNS and it all looks OK to me. Have rebooted as well.

    Sent an emial using SMTP commands from server1 and it arrived in users mailbox on server2!!!!!!

    Any ideas where I should be looking
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    Re: Mail Error

    Hi grimmy130977,

    Try tracking the message with message tracking centre and posting the results. That'll tell us where the message is instead of where it isn't..

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      Re: Mail Error

      I have attached the messgae trasking log which only gave me the option to save as an XML. I have changed the extension as it would not allow me to upload an xml file.

      Also I can see all of the email messages sitting in the queue on server1

      Thanks for your time
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