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Not Receiving Email From One Domain!

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  • Not Receiving Email From One Domain!

    Hi all,

    I'm currently not receiving emails from one external domain,

    Everyone else in my organisation is receiving them no problems.

    I have created a whole new Exchange account, but i am still having problems.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Not Receiving Email From One Domain!

    Are bounce messages going back, if so what do they say?
    What exchange client are you using (thinking Outlook rules here...)
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      Re: Not Receiving Email From One Domain!


      There are no bounce messages,

      I am using Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 - We have had this setup for about 4 years. This issue started approx 2 months ago.

      I have just tracked an incoming email, My account is not even mentioned in the tracking log;

      12:09 SMTP : Message Queued for Local Delivery
      12:09 SMTP : Message Delivered Locally to [email protected] (my colleague)
      12:09 SMTP : Store Driver: Message Delivered Locally to [email protected] (my colleague)
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        Re: Not Receiving Email From One Domain!

        I have also noticed in the message headers, I am listed as "surname, firstname" where as every other member of staff here are in the message headers as "firstname surname".

        Im not sure why this would make a difference but its the only thing out of the ordinary i can find!



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          Re: Not Receiving Email From One Domain!

          Looks to me like the issue is with the remote site.

          With Exchange, it will "correct" the header information that you see in Outlook. Therefore the SMTP headers could say "Name, User", but if your internal display name is "User Name" then that is what you will see in Outlook.

          The fact that they are different means the email is coming across with that information already in the header, so the wrong information is being entered somewhere.

          Therefore the problem is probably with the remote site that is sending the email and they need to correct it.

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